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First, make sure to verify the image's copyright status; if it is in the public domain, it can legally be reused. 

To download images for use in your project:  

  • Navigate to the item you wish to use and click the red 'Save to Folder' button.  Do this for as many items as you would like to use.  
  • Scroll to the top of the page and open your download folder.  You should now see a list of the items you saved to your folder. 
  • For each item, you can click the 'Low-Resolution Download' button or you can 'Request High-Resolution Images' for all of the items in your folder:

The Low-Resolution Download button will allow you to immediately download medium quality images appropriate for use on the web or in presentations. 

Requesting High-Resolution Images will allow you to download high-quality versions of the items appropriate for use in print publications. Please note that some images will be delivered instantaneously, while others will be ready for download within 2-3 weeks.

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