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You are required to use your CougarNet ID and password to access electronic resources from off-campus. Please note that your CougarNet ID is NOT the same as your PeopleSoft ID. Your CougarNet ID is usually your last name followed by your first initial and was issued to you during your initial enrollment.

If you have entered your CougarNet ID and password correctly and are unable to login, there are several possible reasons why. Try the following steps to correct the issue.

  1. If you use an auto-login feature, make sure the password is up-to-date, or better yet, turn it off completely and manually enter your password every time you login to view electronic resources.
  2. If you have devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) which use your CougarNet account to access wifi or email, place the devices in airplane mode.
  3. CougarNet passwords expire every 90 days. It is possible that your CougarNet password has expired, and you need to reset it. Click here to reset your password online. Once you reset your password you will have to wait at least 30 minutes before accessing electronic resources.
  4. If you have ever visited the electronic resource in the past, it is possible that you are pulling a cached copy of the page. Clear your cache and cookies and try accessing the electronic resource again.  
  5. Some e-journals and databases are not readable in all browsers. Open up a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari and try accessing the electronic resource again.

 If you have tried all of these and you are still having trouble accessing electronic resources, please report the problem to our Electronic Resources team. Please give the title of the resource you are trying to access along with any error messages you are receiving, and they will investigate the problem.

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